When Nature Calls Me Home Demo

by Dakota Westbrook

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This is a demo of underground Black Metal artist Dakota Westbrook (Seke Nipahem, Westbrook, Fetal Abomination, Heathen Stag, Hand Of Annihilation, Guillotine). It tells the story of life, death, and then rebirth.


released July 3, 2016

Dakota Westbrook - Everything
Esp Guitars, Emg Pickups, Crate Amps, Dunlop strings and picks.



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Dakota Westbrook

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Track Name: When Nature Calls Me Home
When the snow melts its so beautiful yet so depressing to watch there is no gods plan just the beauty of the earth like when a buffalo births a calf it makes you ponder it all
i don't feel sorrow when the snow melts anymore i just wait for new life to bloom the mysteries we deny and say its god... just let it be earth and let the mysteries continue
when the nature calls me home i gladly go because this home is more beautiful then my own
Track Name: As The Rain Falls
Sheltered by the hope that the rain will fall and wash away the pain left here i want it all to wash away Despised memories keep me awake at night everything i loved gone except for the nature that calls me home feelings erased when the rain washes my face The storm clouds draw nearer as i sit in the trees these mountains are so beautiful and yet so sad to me The deer run to hide as they finish up grazing and the birds get in their nests as the first thunder cracks...
The rain starts to fall and it feels like heaven
The gods took it all from me so i can see the beauty and now that the storm is here i can be cleansed off all bad done to me.
as the rain falls on to me....